Notoriously Dangerous
“Fuck.” Kyungsoo said as he wiped the dog shit off his boots. “There were brand new.” He commented before scraping his boots on the grass to get as much off as possible. He sighed and decided to ignore it and get back to what he was originally supposed to be doing.

He held the tracking device in the air and saw the little red dot moving away from him at incredible speeds. He smirked and put the device carefully in his pocket because if he broke that his job would become ten times harder.

He jumped in his brand new 2013 BMW X6 and slammed on the accelerator in the direction his target was going.

“Bitch wants to try and run away eh?” He said while further pressing down on the gas.

It was 4pm KST and for some people it would be stupid to drive at Kyungsoo’s speed, but Kyungsoo was probably the most experienced driver on the streets and for him avoiding cops and civilians was an easy task.

Maybe spoke to soon. Kyungsoo looking into his rear-view mirror as he heard the police sirens and smiled. “Time to have a little fun.” he said to himself while slamming on the brakes, causing the car to do a complete 180 before slamming on the gas again.

He loved the look on the cops face as he whizzed by him going in the opposite direction. For a second he forgot that he was supposed to be doing something. He pulled out the tracker and sighed in content when he saw that the driver’s car was driving slowly somewhere nearby. He threw the tracker in the passenger seat and slowed down as he saw he had successfully managed to escape the police but he knew every police in town would be looking for his car now.

He stopped as he came upon an ally and slowly parked his car in there. He made sure that the car didn’t get a single scratch before getting out and looking at the tracker again. The target had parked. He was in a 10 story building which made things really inconvenient for Kyungsoo.

Kyungsoo sighed and began walking in the direction of the building. As he was walking he saw a small cafe and realized he had forgot to drink his coffee this morning so decided to take a short detour. He casually walked into the cafe and smiled at the home-like feel it had.

A small TV playing sports on one side and another TV playing dramas on the other side. A good place for guys and girls to hang out.

He walked up to the register and put on the best smile he could muster in a few seconds before ringing the bell.

“Ah sorry!” Came a disheveled voice from the kitchen.

Kyungsoo smiled in annoyance but decided to wait. He was busy but he also needed his coffee.

He smiled as he finally saw someone come out of the kitchen but froze when he saw who it was who was nearing him. He had no idea who the boy was but he knows that the boy was probably the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his entire life. From the his sharp facial features to his adorably cute little ponytail. Kyungsoo was mesmerized.

“Um hello?” The guy said while waving his hand in front of the customers face. “Um Mr.? Are you Ok?” He asked.

Kyungsoo snapped out of his trance and blushed a little. He reached up to feel his burning cheeks and covered them quickly. “Ah yes I’m fine I would just a coffee please!”

“What kind?” the guy behind the register asked.

“Black please.” Kyungsoo said while still blushing. He couldn’t believe that he of all people was sitting in a small cafe blushing over some random guy. This was not happening. The people at work would tease him like no other if they ever found out.

“Ok hold on a second.” The guy said before disappearing into the kitchen once again leaving Kyungsoo alone.

“What the hell am I doing?” he asked himself. He needed to get back to his task before he completely forgot about it because of this random cute guy in a cafe.

As he was in thought, the guy came back from in from the kitchen and handed the coffee to Kyungsoo. “There you go! It’s on the house!” he said with a smile.

“Why do I get it on the house?” Kyungsoo asked curiously.

“Because you were waiting for me earlier right? I never make customers who had to wait pay. It seems wrong.” He said while shrugging.

“Well it’s fine. I’ll be more than happy to pay.” Kyungsoo said while digging around for his wallet.

“No it’s fine. Really!” The boy said with a bright smile.

God that smile melted Kyungsoo. It was perfect. In fact it was so perfect he wanted to leave the Cafe at that instant before he lost control and completely attacked the boy. He finally grabbed onto his wallet and pulled it out of his pocket before handing over a couple hundred bucks.

“What the...” The boy said while looking at the money. “Sir this isn’t Imperial Coffee. What makes you think we are this expensive?”

“I don’t think you but think of it as an accomplishment award.”

“A what?” the boy asked confused.

“You managed to do something to me that no one has been able to do for a while.” Kyungsoo said while smiling.

“What is that?” the boy asked.

“You’re the first person in years actually who has managed to make me blush and be at a loss for words.” Kyungsoo said while messing with the guys hair. He smiled when he saw the guy blush and look down.

“Really?” He asked.

“Yes of course. For christ’s sake I hope you aren’t telling me you find yourself unattractive. You and unattractive don’t even belong in the same sentence.” Kyungsoo said cheerfully.

“Ah...” the guy said while looking down, face completely red now.

“Well it was nice to meet you.” Kyungsoo said before turning around getting ready to head out. He sipped on his hot coffee before he heard a pencil scribbling down quickly on a piece of paper. He turned around to see the guy holding a piece of paper up to him.

“What’s this?” Kyungsoo asked.

“It’s my um... number. Unless you don’t want it” the guy said and Kyungsoo could easily tell he was embarrassed for making the first move.

“I’d love it.” Kyungsoo said while taking the piece of paper and shoving it in his pocket. “Can I know your name by the way?” Kyungsoo asked.

“I’m Kai and you?” he said.

“Such a beautiful name and so fitting.” Kyungsoo said out loud without realizing.

Kai blushed again before looking up and asking the question again, “What is your name?”

“Oh! I’m sorry! My name is Kyungsoo!” he said while bowing.

“Aish it’s fine! Don’t be so formal in here.” Kai replied nicely.

“Ok so I really have to go now. I’ll be sure to call you later Ok?” Kyungsoo said before running out of the shop completely embarrassed.

“I just completely embarrassed myself.” Kyungsoo said while slipping into the garage of the targeted building.  “Now to find this guy.” Kyungsoo whispered to himself while putting in his earpiece and turning it on.

“Location?” He asked into it.

“So you finally decide to turn it on eh?” The guy on the other end asked.

“Look Tao sometimes I don’t want to hear your smartass remarks.” Kyungsoo said into it while rolling his eyes.

“Location of target. He is somewhere on the 3rd floor of the building and he is hiding in the left wing. This is a very busy office building so be careful Kyungsoo there is bound to be a lot of security.” Tao commented.

“I know I know.” Kyungsoo said before entering the elevator. He pressed the 3rd floor button and waited for the door to close before he resumed his conversation with the kungfu panda on the other line. “So... How are you and Kris?” he asked.

“We’re fine. Why do you ask?” Tao asked curiously. Kyungsoo never showed any signs of actually caring about his relationship.

“Just trying to spark up a conversation is all. Don’t think too hard about it.” Kyungsoo said with a smile knowing he just agitated his friend.




“Gotta go!” Kyungsoo said while laughing as the elevator door opened. “Yeah yeah I want those papers on my desk ASAP!” He yelled into the bluetooth headset and people passed him. Might as well make the people think he is a boss if he was going to be searching for someone.

He looked around the place and thought it looked pretty decent. No messes anywhere, everything was perfectly clean, and no one even looked up at the sight of someone new coming into the room.

“So...robotic.” Kyungsoo said while shaking his head and moving to the next section of the 3rd floor. It was the same as the last floor and it was a little creepy to be honest. There was nothing enjoyable about working in this place. Some would think it looks and nice and neat but to Kyungsoo it looked like some sort of prison.

“May I help you?” A voice came from behind that snapped Kyungsoo out of his thoughts.

“No thank you.” Kyungsoo said with a smile looking at the short guy.

“Well can you atleast move out of my way so I can get into my office?”

“Oh my bad!” Kyungsoo said while side stepping and moving out of the way.

“You don’t work here do you?” the guy asked.

“Yeah. I come from the top floor.” Kyungsoo said not really knowing if such a thing actually held any relevancy.

“Oh!” the guy said while bowing. “My deepest apologies for not properly greeting you!”

“It’s fine just get back to work.” Kyungsoo said happily. People were really stupid here to believe him without any sort of confirmation.

“Yes Sir!” The guy yelled before quickly heading into his office and getting right to work.

Kyungsoo was about walk away when he thought of something. Maybe this annoying little guy could be of some use. He turned around and walked into the man’s office, taking him off-gaurd.

“Yes?” he asked.

“I need you to do something for me.” Kyungsoo said calmly.

“What is that?”

“First I would like to know your name without having to strain myself to see your name tag.” Kyungsoo said with a smile.

“Suho.” he replied.

“So Suho, do you know anyone here by the name of Lee Joon?” Kyungsoo asked.

“Yeah I just saw him walk by why?” Suho asked while tilting his head.

“No reason I just have to talk with him. Also do you enjoy working here?” he asked.
“Of course!” Suho said in a cheerful voice. “But sometimes it God awful boring.” He whispered not knowing that Kyungsoo could still hear him.

“Alright then.” Kyungsoo said while exited Suho’s office and walking down the hallway in the direction he had pointed.

He entered a random office with the lights off and flinched a little as he turned the lights on to see him surrounded by guys in black.

“All too predictable.” A guy said while stepping into the circle that Kyungsoo was put in.

“Ah really?” Kyungsoo said while rubbing the back of his neck. “Maybe I’m getting too old for this.”

‘You look no later than 22.” the guy said.

“I never said I was actually old dipshit.” Kyungsoo said in a mocking voice.

“Watch your mouth! Let me remind you who is the one surrounded here.”

“You must be Joon.”

“You must sent here to kill me.”

“Looks like we are both right.” Kyungsoo said with a smirk. “Now if you excuse me... it’s time for me to do my job.” With that Kyungsoo kicked the guy behind him in the nuts and punched him in the face knocking him down.

Instantly the other guys charged at him but they were all so muscular that they couldn’t move fast for shit. Kyungsoo outpaced them and punched them in every place imaginable until one by one all the guys in the room fell to the ground.

“Well well well. Got us a bad one right here.” Joon said with a smirk. “I admit these guys are pretty pathetic but if you think I will be that easy you are clearly mistaken.”

“We’ll have to see about that.” Kyungsoo said while charging at Joon. As he lifted his leg to kick kick Joon in the jaw, the elder had side-stepped and punched Kyungsoo in the ribs knocking the air out of him.

“Give up already?” Joon said and Kyungsoo got up.

“Please I was just seeing what you are capable of.”

“Sure act all big and to-” Before Joon could finish he face came in contact with Kyungsoo’s right foot and it knocked him to the ground.

“Holy shit that was fast..” He whispered to himself.

“And that’s not even full speed. I think you underestimate me. Well then again so does everyone because of my age.” Kyungsoo said.

“Now if you wouldn’t mind I would like to hurry and finish this.” Kyungsoo said while picking up one of the swords that was on the wall as a display. “Interesting sword right here. Mind if I use it?”

“Yes.” Joon said while getting up.

“Well that’s too bad.” Kyungsoo said while unsheathing it and pointing it towards Joon. “Now then...” Kyungsoo said while rushing at Joon ready to slice and dice.

Joon did the only thing he knew he could and ran. He hated to admit it but he was outmatched. He was stronger than this guy but he was way too fast to even be able to hit. It almost seemed inhuman.

“I love the runners.” Kyungsoo said with a smirk. He then ran down the hall following Joon until he finally caught up to him when he stopped to catch his breath after thinking he lost Kyungsoo.

“Well well.” Kyungsoo said while pointing the sword towards Joon again.

“What do you want? Money? I’ll give you everything you could ever dream of.” Joon said with fear plastered on his face.

“Nah I already have enough.”

“Fuck you.” Joon said fearfully. “Why are you coming after me?”

“Don’t act like you don’t know. Why else would you hire so much security and have a plan to trap me?” Kyungsoo said with a bored expression.

“I...uh...” Joon couldn’t find a way to lie around it.

“Mkay so if you wouldn’t mind. I would like to go home. My dog is pretty hungry by now so if you would just let me end this quickly...” Kyungsoo mumbled.

“Who are you?” Joon asked.

“My name is Kyungsoo but I don’t think that matters right now.”

“Fuck he would send his best player to kill me that son of a bitch.” Joon muttered.

“So you know of me?” Kyungsoo asked.

“Who hasn’t?” Joon retorted. “You’re notoriously known for taking out a whole building of men by yourself.”

“Oh so that got around eh?” Kyungsoo asked.

“I’m not dying and adding to your toll count.” Joon said with a disgusted face.

“How do you plan on escaping?” Kyungsoo asked amused.

“I don’t.” Joon said.

“Then what exactly are you talki-” Before Kyungsoo could finish Joon pushed forward and jumped out the window.

“The hell?” Kyungsoo asked as he looked outside to see shattered glass and blood on the ground below.

“Well that just makes my life easier.” He said while throwing the sword on the ground.

He climbed out the broken window and slowly climbed down the building. He approached Joon’s body and kicked it to see if he was still alive. Not to his surprise, he wasn’t.

He sighed and headed back to find his new BMW. Another day another kill, but he was used to it. At first he couldn’t sleep knowing he killed someone but now it was an everyday thing and he didn’t even flinch.

As he arrived home he smiled at the sight of Sojun running towards him. Sojun was his pet dog. She is a small Chow that he adopted 2 weeks ago to hope that he would feel less lonely. He had all the money, all the cars, all the everything accept a special person. He couldn’t find anyone that fit his tastes or anyone who could put up with him having to be gone everyday.

“Aww you’re so cute!” He said to Sojun as she laid on her back asking for a belly rub. Kyungsoo happily obliged and smiled. She was helping him with his loneliness but he still needed a real companion if he ever wanted to be happy.

Just then he remembered the number in his pocket. He scrambled to grab the house phone and when he found it, he quickly dialed the number the boy had given him.

He waited as the line connected before he heard someone pick up.

“Hello?” Kai asked into the phone.

“Ah hello...” Kyungsoo said.

“May I help you?” Kai asked, not knowing who was on the other end.

“It’s Kyungsoo... the guy from the cafe.” Kyungsoo said regretting it as soon as he said it.

“Oh it’s you. I was beginning to think you weren’t going to call me.” Kai said while laughing a bit.

The sound of his infectious laugh made Kyungsoo smile. “Well after the 4th ring I was beginning to think you wouldn’t pick up.”

“Touche~” Kai replied. “Well anyways Kyungsoo I have to go. I have an early shift tomorrow so I have to sleep a little early today.”

“Ah that sucks.” Kyungsoo said sadly. “Can I call you tomorrow?” he asked almost desperately. He knew his voice came out as desperate but he didn’t care.

He heard Kai chuckle on the other end before replying, “Of course. I’ll be expecting your call.”

“Okay well have a good rest then.” Kyungsoo said.

“I will thank you. I hope you sleep well too! Goodnight Kyungsoo! It was nice meeting you.” Kai said before hanging up.

“Nice meeting you too Kai. Nice meeting you too.” Kyungsoo said to himself before pulling Sojun on the bed with him and turning off the light.

He was exhausted and was dying for some shut eye. As soon as his head hit the pillow he was out.

Contract with the Devil
Jinki could hear the thunder and see the lightning in the sky reassuring him that his uncle was extremely displeased with him. But he thought, "You can't choose you parents so why am I getting punished?" "It is not my fault my father decided to break the Oath between his brothers and have a child." Jinki continued running as fast as he could but he knew it was of no use the only way to escape his uncles anger was to hide in his father's territory. He pleaded the earth to magically open up under him and to no avail. Then despite his hatred for his father he pleaded that his father let him be with him for a short while and the group suddenly swallowed him whole.

He could no longer hear Thunder so he took it as a good sign and opened his eyes. As soon as he did he regretted what he did. He could hear the souls of dead people as he looked at the River of Styx. He could see a gigantic 3-headed dog barking in the distance. He could see shades of agony aimlessly walking around knowing they could not remember their past life nor could feel sorrow or happiness. The sight always made Jinki shiver in fear and he quickly turned only to be swallowed whole by the ground beneath him again.

When Jinki surfaced he could feel eyes glaring at him from behind. He slowly turns around to see his father's pitch black eyes staring at him. JInki gulped and hoped nothing bad would come of this even though he knew that was unlikely. SO after 5 minutes of awkward and creepy silence he broke it.

"Umm, Hi Hades" said Jinki looking away from his father.

"What is this? My son who hates me oh so much came to visit me?" Hades gave a hostile and eerie smile that Jinki out to the fullest. Suddenly Hades disappeared and reappeared behind him.

"I-I still don't like you. You are harsh and care for no one but yourself." Said Jinki regretting it.

"Hmmm, someone needs to learn to live and let go."

"Y-you killed m-my mother... bastard I will never let that go" said Jinki looking down trying to get angry knowing it would get him no where especially in his father's realm.

Suddenly Hades vanished into the ground in a cloud of black mist as if ignoring was Jinki just said. Jinki almost screamed when saw a huge snake slither it's way to the surface. He knew it was Hades but it still didn't help to have his snake-o-phobia. He began to panick and he knew his father could tell.

"Ahh what's this? MY own son? Afraid of snakes? Oh dear you must be scared." Jinki could almost see the snakes mouth grin. He froze in his spot when he could feel the snake crawling up his leg. The snake inched his way up Jinki's body until his mouth was at Jinki's ear.

"Listen, I know why you came here. I know what they plan to do with you. All of that can be avoided if stay here and serve me. Ever since they found out I was your father I know you know Zeus plans on having you terminated. I also know they have your Beloved Jonghyun imprisoned until you turn yourself in...and if you don't I hope you know what they plan on doing to him..." Hades slithered off of Jinki with a grin on his face knowing he won Jinki over.

At the mention of Jonghyun, Jinki began to cry. He knew he should not have gotten Jonghyun involved in his hectic life. He was selfish he knew he was putting Jonghyun in danger but couldn't live without his sweet radiant smile and his soulful and heartwarming voice.

Hades wickedly grinned triumphantly and said, "I can give you Jonghyun back and protect you...In one condition"

Jinki wiped his tears suddenly he could feel a glimmer of hope in his heart only to fade when he realized he was talking to Hades and all hope left. Still determined to find Jonghyun though he asked, "What is the condition?"

Jinki could see the evil in Hades eyes and knew nothing good was going to come from this.

Hades just smirked at Jinki and replied, "Give me your soul"

"...    WHAT?!"

This is my first attempt at writing yes I know this is a prologue I guess.  If anyone knows how to properly tag Jongyu pairing I would greatly appreciate it! I'm so confused on how to post this


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